bootleg crm + scraper

date: 2024-04-02, tags = ['projects']

quick exploratory solution to generating leads for cash strapped enterprises

this is just a set of scripts towards automating lead generation from c_base and t____k. first, i use c_base's free api to search for all company names that match my search query, then i parse their state data for each company's website on c_base. this probably can be categorized as exploiting an vulnerability, as their source code exposes data that they are trying to charge $$$ for!! (perhaps their devs are noobs...) output is a csv with linkedin, emails, contacts, etc for any company thats on cbase :3

note: use proxies and header randomization if you want to automate this and scale it up ^_^ they banned my ip from making http requests LOL

k__odata? t__**k?

k__odata has decent data for t_k marketing and t_kshop, but you won't find any useful lead generation from them. my approach was just to scrape and clean whatever companies they had as top ranked, then run them through c_base's search api and find contacts that way.

this approach is still in progress and i might not finish it as im pursuing other lead generation angles, but generally it goes like: find company/shop names, abuse c_base for their contacts, then clean/format everything and use it in either a proper CRM or just some spreadsheet 0.0


possible future avenues for lead generation that i'm exploring:

  • finding a burner android phone with a US sim and scraping for emails/whatsapp through the tiktok shop using ADB to automate
  • same as above but using an emulator (bluestacks and memu dont work, but memu has higher potential using the python package memuc)

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