A card game engine for Godot 4.2

date: 2024-04-03, tags = ['projects', 'gaming']

the repo for this project can be found here


i want to create a game that can be interpreted as the offspring of megaman battle network, StS, and fire emblem!!! my current working name is constellector. using buzzwords, it's a deckbuilding tile-based strategy roguelite with meta progression in the form of permadeath characters that has a player marketplace and economy (LOL).

how to build a game from 0?

i like making everything i use from scratch when i can help it, its more fun. in this case, it was out of necessity:

broken image here

THERE ARE NO ASSETS FOR GODOT 4.2!!!! (there are some card game frameworks for older versions of godot that i tested, but the change in conventions and syntax from godot 3 to 4 make them difficult to use)

this engine is a WIP but heres a screenshot that is current as of apr 2, 2024:

broken image here

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